Anopheles mosquito larvae – Malaria is caused by the Plasmodium parasite, carried and transferred to humans by this mosquito.
The Institute has funded several projects investigating aspects of the causes and treatment of malaria.

What we do

The Lister Institute of Preventive Medicine is a UK medical research charity which supports young researchers by the award of Lister Prize Fellowships.  They may work in any field of biomedical research and may be either medically or scientifically trained.  We currently award five Prize Fellowships per year, each worth £200,000.  The Prize money may be used to support any aspect of the winner’s research activities, other than to provide his or her personal salary (although the money may be used to ’buy out’ the individual from teaching or administrative duties).  The Prize money is awarded as a single lump-sum to the winner’s host institution at the commencement of the award and may be spent over a five-year period.  See What are they and the How to Apply button on the Home page.

The Institute also holds an annual residential scientific meeting for all is current and former Fellows where presentations are made by new, current and former Fellows on their research activities.  At this meeting a distinguished scientist or clinician with a close association to the Institute gives the ‘Special Lister Lecture’ on a topic of their choosing. For example,  Professor Sir Alec Jeffreys, a former Fellow and the ‘discoverer’ of DNA–fingerprinting , talked on genetic finger-printing and its impact on 21st century life; whist Professor Geoffrey Smith (also a former Fellow) has spoken on his family’s close association with Lord Lister and his own research on vaccinia virus.

The Lister Institute also runs a Summer Studentship scheme for its current and former Fellows, click the Summers Studentships button for more details.

The dissemination of knowledge and the encouragement of young people to take up science or medicine as a career are important to the Institute and we seek to promote this through our Schools Speakers initiative –  click  the button on the Home page to find out more.