The Institute is willing to be involved, with other organizations, in innovative schemes to bring the ‘excitement’ of science to schools.  An example is a jointly funded project Microscopes4schools –M4S  run by scientists at the MRC’s Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge, including the Lister Institute’s Prize Fellow Simon Bullock.  Among other things this project seeks to give primary school children the hands-on experience of using good quality educational microscopes and discovering for themselves the exciting world of cells and small organisms that is revealed.

School / College Speakers

As part of its outreach activity some of the Lister Institute’s Fellows and Former Fellows are willing to give talks in schools and colleges.  To arrange a talk in your school or college please get in direct contact via e-mail with one of the Lister Fellows or Former Fellows listed for your region.  Please be aware that the regions are large and that potential speakers may not be able or willing to travel large distances and the fact that a possible speaker is listed does not mean that s/he will definitely be able to give a talk.  A subject area/title is shown for each speaker and most should be able to talk generally about biomedical research, but please make sure that you and any potential speaker discuss what is required and can be delivered!


Name Area of Science Email
Dr Juan Burrone
King’s College London
How your brain works
Dr Holger Gerhardt
Cancer Research UK
Science is in my blood.
Dr Fiona Wardle
King’s College London
How to build an animal. What is biomedical research and how do I get into it?


South East

Name Area of Science Email
Dr Jessica Downs
University of Sussex
Cancer research/Cancer Biology
Professor Keith Fox
University of Southampton
Studying biomedical research at university; DNA; Structural Biology.
Dr Frances Platt
University of Oxford
Biomedical research.



Name Area of Science Email
Professor Sir Leszek Borysiewicz
Vice Chancellor, University of Cambridge
Dr Simon Bullock
MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology
Understanding cell biology – the role of microscopoy
Professor Colin Taylor
University of Cambridge
Watching cells one molecule at a time
Dr Sarah Teichmann
MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge
Biology of the genome
Professor Anthony Maxwell
John Innes Centre


West Midlands

Name Area of Science Email
Dr Prem Kumar
University of Birmingham
How does medical research get from the lab to the clinic?


East Midlands

Name Area of Science Email
Professor Andrew Fry
University of Leicester
Biomedical science in health and disease
Professor Alec Jeffreys
University of Leicester
Human DNA diversity; DNA identification; Role of DNA identification in forensics.

North West

Name Area of Science Email
Professor Jeremy Derrick
University of Manchester
Biomedical research and infectious disease.
Dr Sally Freeman
University of Manchester
Biology and preventing disease.
Professor Andrew Sharrocks
University of Manchester
Biomedical research.


North East

Name Area of Science Email
Professor Nia Bryant
University of York
Why study biological processes at the molecular level; How model organisms help us to understand/cure human disease.
Dr Dawn Coverley
University of York
How do cells “know” when to stop dividing
Professor Peter McGlynn
University of York
Microbes, genes and genomes.


Name Area of Science Email
Professor Julian Blow
University of Dundee
Biomedical/molecular biology research; could include cell division and cancer.
Professor Gwyn Gould
University of Glasgow
How to decide what science degree to do; Diabetes research. gbca71@udcf,