As part of a wider ’outreach’ programme to interest students in research in the biomedical field the Institute has introduced a funding scheme for the support of The Lister Institute Summer Studentships. 

Student snip

Madeleine Bangham, Lister Institute Summer Student at Imperial College (St Mary’s)

The scheme is open to Fellows and Former Fellows of the Lister Institute working in the UK and will provide funding for a student to spend time working in their laboratory during the summer vacation; in total the Institute will provide 35 studentships per year.  The scheme is aimed at undergraduates most likely, but not essentially, at the end of their second year. The award to the Fellow or Former Fellow will be for £2,000 (notionally at £200 per week for the student’s accommodation etc) and will be paid prior to the commencement of the studentship.  To obtain the full amount of £2,000 the studentship must be held for a minimum of 6 weeks and a maximum of 10 weeks; any funding ‘balance’ may be used to offset laboratory costs.

The Institute wishes to keep the application process and administration of the scheme to a minimum and also to inform Fellows and Former Fellows that they potentially have a studentship available as early as possible in order that they can respond positively and quickly to enquiries from students.  For this reason all allocations for 2017 have now been filled, but applications for potential 2018 funding should be made in the Autumn of 2017.  However the Institute wishes to be as flexible as possible and fully appreciates that circumstances may change for Fellows and Former Fellows, such that a designated potential studentship in future years may not be required.  For this reason Fellows and Former Fellows who do not currently have a designated potential studentship or who are unexpectedly approached by a student whom they particularly wish to have in their laboratory are encouraged to contact the Institute to see if funding for a studentship can be made available.

Nina Team and Student snip

Dr Nina Balthasar (University of Bristol) her research team and Hope Poole, a Lister Institute Summer student building rafts in Weston-super-Mare

The formal application process has already be made known to Fellows and Former Fellows who potentially have an allocated studentship for 2017 and all queries, particularly enquiries about any ‘late-stage’ studentships, should be made to the Administrator, Naomi King.

The selection of the student, administration of the scheme and payment to the student together with responsibility for the welfare of the student and compliance with all appropriate regulations will be the sole responsibility of the Fellow or Former Fellow and the host institution.  At the end of the studentship a brief report on the project will be required together with a personal statement from the student.

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Any potential students seeking a Lister Institute-funded summer studentship should make direct contact with one of the Lister Fellows or Former Fellows listed in the “Fellows” section of this website.