The Lister Institute seeks diversity amongst its Prize –winners – there is no stereotype for the ideal candidate but there are some eligibility criteria:

Research training the Lister Prize Fellowships are open to both scientifically and clinically trained applicants.

Research Areathe research undertaken may be in any area of biomedical research in its broadest context.

Research experience – every applicant should have a minimum of three and less than ten years’ post-doctoral experience by 1 October 2018.  Post-doctoral experience will be taken from the date that a PhD or MD is awarded or the earlier if the candidate holds both degrees.  Allowance will be made for ‘time-out’ from research such as for maternity leave or full-time clinical training, in addition the Institute will consider other personal circumstances that may have limited research time or might in the future.  Details may be provided on the form or advice sought from the Institute’s Administrator before application.

Location the Lister Institute will fund research in the UK and the Republic of Ireland provided that it is undertaken in a not-for-profit organization such as (but not exclusively) a University, Research Council Unit or Charity-funded Institute.

Employment the Lister Prize Fellowship funding must not be used to provide or augment the applicant’s salary.  Therefore, regardless of nationality the applicant must be employed by a UK or Republic of Ireland not-for-profit organization and have guaranteed funding for the first three years of the Lister award.  Since the Lister Prize Fellowship does not provide a personal salary the holders of Fellowships from other organizations are, of course, eligible to apply.

How to apply