How to apply

Application Instructions

1) A complete Application comprises Forms Part 1 – 7:

  • Form Part 1 Application summary and signature page
  • Form Part 2 Details of you and your research
  • Form Part 3 Personal Statement on the ‘Impact’ of the Prize
  • Form Part 4 Statement by Head of Department or equivalent
  • Form Part 5 Potential Expert Referees
  • Form Part 6 Institutional Agreement Form
  • Form Part 7 (a, b & c):
  • (a) A summary of the proposed research and its potential significance (maximum 500 words). This should be written in a form understandable to scientists not specialized in your particular field.  Please indicate the key scientific objectives and challenges of the research and note potential medical implications.
  • (b) The detailed research proposal (not more than four single-sided A4 paper).  The text may be accompanied by a maximum of three additional pages of figures plus references.
  • (c) A one page CV plus a full list of publications; also identify which three you feel to be the most significant and why.



If experiments on animals, for which a Home Office Licence is required, form part of the research proposal, please confirm that the relevant project licence is already available.  (If not a copy must be submitted to the Institute before that work is undertaken if a Research Prize is awarded).

If supported by a Fellowship, Programme grant or other award that terminates during the first three years of the Lister award, then the application must be accompanied by a letter from the Head of Department or Finance Office guaranteeing financial or bridging support for the remainder of the first three years.

(All enclosures must be in clear text [not less than 12pt print size], with all margins not less than 3cm wide.)

2) Fifteen complete copies Parts 1-7 (one with original signatures) should be sent via Royal Mail special delivery and returned by Friday 4 November 2016 to:

The Administrator
The Lister Institute of Preventive Medicine
PO Box 1083
Telephone: 01923 801886


3) A copy of the Application form Parts 1-4 only, and 7 a, b and c (summary, research proposal and CV) should be e-mailed to the Institute in PDF format.  Please combine these sections to form one PDF file.

4) Receipt of all applications will be acknowledged by e-mail.

5) Candidates should be aware that interviews for the short-listed candidates will take place in London on Wednesday 17 May 2017.