Summer Studentships

As part of our outreach activity the Lister Institute provides funding for summer students in biomedical fields.

The Scheme:

The summer studentship scheme is open to Fellows and Former Fellows of the Institute working in the UK, and provides funding for a student to spend time working in a Fellow’s laboratory during the summer holiday period.

The scheme is aimed primarily at undergraduates at the end of their second year and provides a total of £2,000 (notionally at £200 per week for the students’ accommodation and similar expenses) that is paid prior to the commencement of the studentship. To obtain the full amount of £2,000 the studentship must be held for a minimum of 6 weeks and a maximum of 10 weeks.

We are able to fund up to 35 studentships per year, and some of the finance may also be used to offset laboratory costs.

How to apply

If you are a student interested in a Lister Institute-funded summer studentship, please make contact with a current or former Lister Fellow.

Former Fellows who do not currently have a designated studentship, or who are approached by a student whom they wish to have in their laboratory, are encouraged to contact the Institute to see if funding for a studentship can be made available.


Here’s what some of the previous staff and students who have benefited from the Lister summer studentship scheme say about the experience:

“I have had two summer studentships so far and they have been very successful for both the lab and the students, who are both going on to do PhDs.”

“The funding that the Lister Institute provides for students is of tremendous help to students looking to participate in studentships during their summers. Whether the student wants to use the funding to cover laboratory and bench fees or living costs during the duration of the studentship, the funding that is provided by the Institute, £2,000, is certainly a significant amount that alleviates either of these costs. This opportunity is truly one of a kind and I strongly encourage students to apply to these studentships and the funding provided by the Lister Institute.”

“More and more undergraduate science and medical students want to gain experience in the real world of science during vacation. The Lister Summer Studentship scheme provides a great opportunity for students to facilitate this. The scheme has been enormously enjoyed both by PIs and students. It has even led to publications in high impact journals, which are highly cited. There is nothing better than fresh scientific discovery and seeing students see their name in print published for the first time!”

“The summer studentship from the Lister Institute was extremely rewarding. It was a great opportunity to learn from and interact directly with the PI. I was able to refine my skills and learn new techniques. This made me confident in carrying out experiments independently and strengthened my desire to pursue a PhD.”

“My summer project gave me the skills to confidently execute my own research from the conception of a research question, through to the presentation of results.”

“Experiencing working in a research laboratory has provided me with a good foundation to work upon during my third year research project as part of my degree. I will now be able to hit the ground running and spend more time optimising my assay instead of having to learn techniques from afresh.”

“It was such a pleasure to have flexible funding for summer students from The Lister Institute as the applicants are always outstanding and its great seeing how they adapt to real research in the lab. It definitely helps them decide if research is for them and I think they all find labs to be stimulating scientific environments but also more sociable than they imagined. We benefit enormously from them and vice versa, long may the scheme continue.”

“I hosted a Lister funded summer student in my lab and she thoroughly enjoyed the experience, so much so that she signed up for our Welcome Trust funded PhD programme in Manchester. The student was able to assess us and we were able to assess her, so this was an excellent route to ensuring a match between the student and the PhD programme, and clearly benefited the student. The student was also able to participate in our summer school and interact with other summer students and current PhD students so gained a much fuller understanding of what embarking on a research career entails.”

“I was a Lister summer student in Dr Alan Whitmarsh’s lab at the University of Manchester in 2011. The summer studentship gave me an opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the lab and to find out if I would like to work in research. What I learned in that summer has become valuable for my current PhD. For example, I was able to set up a Western Blot experiment which had never been done before in the new lab that I have been carrying out my PhD project. I am very grateful for the opportunity that the Lister Institute offered me. I hope my comments would help attracting more students to apply and benefit from the studentships.”

Find out More

For more information on the summer studentship scheme, please contact us.